National Pet Bird Day

Love pet birds? Join us in celebrating National Pet Bird Day on September 17!

What is National Pet Bird Day?

Created in 2019 by the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK), National Pet Bird Day is a time for bird lovers across the United States and beyond to celebrate the joys and benefits of owning a pet bird. Our goals for this special day, which takes place on September 17 each year, include:

  • Recognizing the many ways that pet birds enrich our lives
  • Educating current and potential bird owners about the responsibilities and commitments that come with having a companion bird
  • Uniting pet bird owners who share a commonality of loving birds
  • And most of all, showing our feathered friends all the love they deserve!

How to Celebrate National Pet Bird Day

Whether you’re a current bird owner, are thinking of adding a pet bird to your home, or you simply have an appreciation for these amazing creatures, there are several ways to celebrate National Pet Bird Day. Here are some ideas:

Participate in our My Beautiful Pet Bird contest!

With prizes up to $500, this is an exciting opportunity to showcase what makes your feathered friend so special. You can learn more about the contest here.

Find out which types of birds may be best for your family

Pet birds’ personalities are as diverse as their colorings, and they each have their own needs and care requirements. Therefore, if you’re thinking of bringing a bird into your home, it’s important to choose one that will fit into your lifestyle. With various questions designed to help you narrow down the types of birds that may be right for you, our interactive pet bird quiz is the perfect place to start! Take the quiz, and then share your results on social media (be sure to tag us @MyBird on Facebook and @MyRightBird on Instagram)!

Check out our Locator tools

Whether you’re looking to purchase or adopt a pet bird, connect with an avian veterinarian, or find a retailer that sells pet bird products, our handy tools will tell you what’s available in your area!

Share photos and stories about your pet bird

On September 17, post photos and stories of your pet bird (or any other bird-related content!) on social media using the hashtag #NationalPetBirdDay. Also, feel free to download and share our post content and graphics below!

Subscribe to our e-mail list

Sign up for our list to receive the latest pet bird tips, news, and special offers. Many of our pet bird retailers and product manufacturers run special promotions in honor of National Pet Bird Day, so now is the time to subscribe if you haven’t already!

Join the conversation

Join the conversation on social media by following us @MyBird on Facebook and @MyRightBird on Instagram. With nearly 250,000 engaged fans across both platforms, we are proud to serve as an online hub that connects pet bird enthusiasts.

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