Lorikeets are party animals. They come in a number of bright colors, particularly the popular rainbow lorikeet, making them easy to spot. This will come in handy, as the lorikeet loves exploring and tumbling around their environment, and if one decides to play peek-a-boo with you, who knows where they may end up!

Most lorikeets grow to around 11 inches (28 cm) and live up to 20 years. Despite being playful and cuddly with humans, lorikeets can sometimes be competitive with other birds, so be careful introducing them to fellow companion animals.

The lorikeet may lick you! These birds have long tongues they use to slurp up juices from the sweet fruits they love, sort of like hummingbirds. Their diet is unusual compared to most companion birds. Make sure you keep plenty of sweet nectar on hand – you won’t be able to feed your colorful friend the flower pollen they eat in the wild, so you might have to track down lorikeet-specific food mixes.