Beautiful and brilliant colors characterize the birds in this species. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Lories also have wonderful, playful, friendly very active, and outgoing personalities.

The only difference between Lories and Lorikeets is that Lories have shorter, squared tails while Lorikeets have longer, pointed tails.

There are approximately 55 different species of these birds, but only about a dozen are commonly kept as pets. The Rainbow Lorikeet is characterized as the most popular.

Lories eat a very different diet than other parrots. Primarily nectar, fresh fruits and specially formulated lory pellets. Nectar mixes, usually powders that you mix with water, are available at specialty pet stores and on the Internet. Due to their specialized dietary needs lories and lorikeets are not recommended for the first time bird owner.

Due to the nature of their diet, lory droppings are very loose and frequent. The cleaning requirements are a bit more intensive as these birds often squirt their droppings through the bars of their cages.

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