Eclectus (pronounced ek-lek-tuss) parrots set themselves apart from other parrots species because they are most sexually dimorphic! This means that you can tell easily distinguish the males from the females.

Male Eclectus parrots are primarily green with orange beaks and females are mostly red with black beaks!

It is thought that, since female Eclectus parrots spend so much time guarding their nesting sites at tree hollows, their brilliant red coloration helps the male Eclectus to spot their potential mates.

The males green coloration helps them blend in well with the forest providing them with good camouflage as they travel great distances to find food to feed their mates.

In captivity, Eclectus parrots are known to be intelligent and affectionate, having laid-back personalities. Female Eclectus tend to be more territorial about their space and a bit more agressive than the males.

In general, Eclectus are not considered to be very noisy birds but they can emit a very loud squawk. They are great at mimicking human speech and make wonderful companions. Eclectus are content to spend time on their perches and play stands in quiet environments, playing with their toys.

“Ekkies”, as they are affectionately called, love to eat! Eclectus parrots have a very long digestive tract and therefore a high fiber diet complete with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables is the healthiest. Eclectus require more beta-carotene in their diet than other species. Examples of foods high in beta-carotene include carrots, pumpkin, squash, sweet potato and dark leafy greens.

They have a tendency to be overweight, and so it is very important to monitor their diets, providing the right proportions of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seed. When feeding pellets, it is important to avoid colored brands as eclectus are sensitive to coloring agents and food additives.

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