What Are Finches?

Finches are found throughout the world in many parts of Africa, Eurasia and the Americas, but are notably not found in Australasia and polar regions. The finch species comprises hundreds of birds in a variety of colors, but only a few are commonly kept as pets, such as the zebra finch and strawberry finch. Like canaries, they can be a great starter bird for those who are not ready to deal with the demands of parrots or other species.

What Makes Finches a Good Pet?

Finches are very entertaining and pleasant birds to be around, often filling the air with their cheerful chirps and songs. While finches are just as vocal as many other species, their soft voices are often considered much less loud and disruptive. Though not as cuddly as a parrot might be, hand-raised finches can be trained to perch on a finger. Like other small species of birds, finches are a good choice for environments with less space and can often keep themselves entertained when their owners are out. Finches are especially prized for their vocal abilities, including singing and mimicking sounds in their environment.

How Do You Care for Finches?

While many other bird species can do well alone or when added to an environment with other birds, finches actually prefer and need the company of other finches. While socialization is important, finches are easily stressed in social situations, and you might find they enjoy spending time with other finches more than with humans. If you are looking to add a finch to your home, it can be helpful to look to add more than just one!

As finches spend most of their lives in their cage, choosing an enclosure that gives them a lot of space to fly around in is very important. A horizontal cage rather than a vertical one gives them plenty of room to fly from one side to the other.

While not known as the most overtly affectionate birds, finches are still pleasant and friendly birds that love singing and entertaining.

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