Finches are tiny little chaps who love beeping and tweeting, like many children of the 21st century. They will not talk, but sometimes mimic simpler melodies, like the sound of a microwave oven. Most finches are tiny, only around 5 inches (13 cm) tall, and have shorter lifespans, around 9 years. They enjoy their solitude, and can grow attached to their nice, safe cages.

The finch is popular with children, people who work long hours, and aspiring birders who aren’t confident in their skills. Finches can entertain themselves for long hours without showing self-harming habits that larger birds are known to develop out of boredom. Finches do like to keep roommates, after some time to get used to them. Like many children of the 20th century, finches even enjoy the company of mirrors as a substitute for partner birds.