Cockatiels are one of the world’s most popular pet birds. Cockatiels are the smallest members of the Cockatoo family.

Cockatiels, especially the males, can learn to speak and they are very good at learning to whistle. Although they can be noisy, cockatiels don’t have a loud screeching voice like other members of the cockatoo family.

Cockatiels are friendly and make wonderful pets for children and adults alike. They are easily tamed and can be very affectionate.

Cockatiels have a very distinctive crest of feathers on their head, a circle of orange feathers on their cheeks and very long, slender tail feathers.

There are several color mutations of domestically bred cockatiels but, in the wild, they are mostly grey in color which helps to keep them less visible to predators. Some common cockatiel color mutations are: Cinnamon, Lutino, Pearl, Pied and Silver.