What Are Cockatiels?

Cockatiels are some of the most well-known and popular choices for bird owners. Their warm and friendly natures make them great for environments with children, and they can be some of the easiest birds to breed and care for. Cockatiels are found in many parts of Australia, with the exception of parts of the coast and Tasmania. In the wild they are known for their nomadic lifestyle and enjoy roaming the expansive Australian outback.

Up until 1894, cockatiels were exported from their native Australia, but after the practice was banned, cockatiels now are typically bred in whichever country they are purchased. While not as long-lived as other species, their lifespan in captivity is still generally about 15 to 20 years. In the wild they are commonly seen with muted grey feathers as a way to blend in and not attract the attention of predators, but when they are bred domestically, they can exhibit many color variations. Cockatiels are easy to identify by their distinctive crest feathers and very long tail feathers.

What Makes Cockatiels a Good Pet?

Cockatiels are some of the world’s most popular birds, and for good reason as they are friendly and affectionate. They often initially require a lot of attention as well as a cage that provides plenty of room for moving about, but once acclimated to a new space, they are loyal and sociable companions. They are fairly vocal and can learn to speak words and phrases as well as mimic environmental noises.

How Do You Care for Cockatiels?

Once properly tamed, cockatiels are easy to care for. Unlike some other species, cockatiels generally get along well with other birds, making them a great first bird or addition to an already active environment. Their unique crests also allow them to easily express their moods – if the feathers on a cockatiel’s head are standing up, it is surprised or excited, and if the feathers are flat, they are agitated. They also are known to hiss loudly when upset. Because of these actions, it’s easy for an owner to tell how a cockatiel is feeling and make the necessary adjustments to keep them happy and cared for.

Because they are easily tamed and easy to get along with, cockatiels are very popular with bird owners around the world and make a great addition to any household.

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