“Conure” is a generic term that is used to classify a diverse group of parrots that have similar physical traits. It is not a specific scientific grouping of parrots.

There are many different species of conures that are classified into several genera. They come in a rainbow of color combinations and vary significantly in weight and size. The smallest conure is the Painted Conure which is 9″ in length. The largest conure is the Patagonian Conure that can be up to 18″ in length.

A conure’s beak is usually short and broad and either black or horn-colored. They have slender bodies and depending on the species, their tapered tails may be short or long! Sometimes it is possible to tell the males from the females by the male’s wider eye-ring.

Conures are very intelligent and extremely popular around the world as companion birds. Conures are sometimes referred to as “clowns” because of the way they sway back and forth in a dancing motion, hang upside down, and constantly demand attention! They also have a reputation for being very boisterous and often, very loud. Conures do have the ability to learn to talk and learn tricks.