What Are Conures?

Conures are a group of parrots who share a lot of the same traits, rather than a single species. More than many other types of parrots, they vary greatly in both size and color – ranging from the 9-inch Painted conure to the 18-inch Patagonian conure, and are found in many different colors and shades of the rainbow. They originate from Central and South America in places like Mexico, Ecuador and Peru, and the now-extinct Carolina conure was significant as one of the only parrots native to the United States.

What Makes Conures a Good Pet?

Conures are very playful and are sometimes called clowns because of their acrobatic movements and love of the spotlight. Like cockatoos, some have a reputation for being loud, and can be taught to talk and to learn tricks. They are also very intelligent and inquisitive, which coupled with their fun-loving personalities makes them very engaging and fun pets. They enjoy the company of other birds and people, and do just as well by themselves or with other birds. Conures are also a great choice for environments with kids or a lot of commotion as they love activity happening around them.

How Do You Care for Conures?

As intelligent as they are energetic, conures are very active and require a lot of stimulation to keep themselves occupied. They are very entertaining, and love to amuse their owners as much as they do themselves. Although often on the smaller side, they have big personalities, and so can add a lot of excitement but also a lot of noise to an environment. These big personalities can often get them in trouble however, so keeping them active and entertained is a great way to curb behavioral problems.

Conures are a very popular choice for bird owners, and if given the attention they crave, make for excellent pets.

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