Amazon parrots are very beautiful and intelligent birds recognized for their talking and singing abilities. Amazons are typically show-offs and love to be the center of attention! These parrots are also known to have very outgoing and sometimes stubborn personalities.

As pets amazon parrots are very loyal, however, they require a lot of attention, nurturing, guidance and training to keep them from developing undesirable behaviors, like biting and screaming. Amazon parrots love to chew, so they need lots of destructible toys to satisfy their natural instincts.

There are about thirty amazon species that are commonly recognized and many sub-species. Two of the most popular species kept as pets are the Double Yellow-headed and Yellow-naped Amazons.

Amazon parrots are mostly green with other brightly colored patches depending on the species. In general, amazons can vary in size from 10 – 18 inches in length and they have short, square-like tails.