What Are Amazon Parrots?

Amazon parrots are native to the Americas, particularly South and Central America, but can also be found in places like Mexico and the Caribbean. They are very social birds and in the wild are often seen to travel in large groups. There are about 30 different types of Amazon parrots, from the Spectacled Amazon parrot to the Yellow-Crowned Amazon and many more, each with unique traits and plumage. They are one of the most popular species of parrots because of their vibrant personalities.

What Makes Amazon Parrots a Good Pet?

Amazon parrots are known to be some of the most gregarious parrots and love to be the center of attention. Like other types of parrots, they are prized for their vocal abilities, particularly their ability to sing — sometimes even being able to sing opera pieces. They are very playful, and male Amazon parrots in particular often exhibit a lot of bravado and love to show off. Because of their friendly and outgoing nature, they fit in well with other birds and family pets, but can become aggressive so it’s important to supervise them and keep them entertained.

How Do You Care for Amazon Parrots?

While they are outgoing and very friendly, they are also often stubborn and mischievous, so care needs to be taken with their behavior. They have been known to bite and scream, and so it’s important to curb negative habits and nurture their more positive ones. They are very loyal animals but require a lot of nurturing. Their curiosity and foraging nature also means they can destroy things pretty easily, so giving them toys and other items helps to satisfy these inherent traits. They also tend to have long lifespans, with some even living up to 70. Bathing is also an essential part of caring for Amazon parrots, and something they love to do. They love to play hard and are very expressive, making it easier to tell their mood and needs.

Amazon parrots make wonderful pets, and their love of replicating words and songs often makes them the life of the party.

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