African Grey

African Grey parrots are very popular as pets because they are extremely intelligent and can learn to talk and vocally interact with their human flocks. In fact, African Grey parrots are thought to be the best talkers of the parrot species as they often learn hundreds of words! African Greys also like to imitate sounds like microwaves, telephones, running water, and the beeps of trucks backing up.

African Greys are often described as shy birds that bond only to one person. However, if they are well socialized, African Greys will be accepting of more people. These birds require a lot of personal attention and social interaction outside of their cages every day. Due to their intelligence, they also require an environment with a lot of stimulating activities, like toys and foraging devices, to ward off behavioral problems.

There are two main subspecies of African Greys, the Congo Greys and Timneh Greys. Congo Greys are a lighter colored grey, have a bright red tail and black beak. Timnehs are smaller than Congo Greys and are a darker grey with maroon colored tail and a dark horn colored beak. Both subspecies have a featherless patches of white skin around their eyes.