What Are Poicephalus Parrots?

Poicephalus parrots are found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, from parts of Senegal and Ethiopia to South Africa. Like African Greys, Poicephalus parrots are commonly imported and illegally trapped, leading to decreased numbers in the wild. Their name means “made up entirely of head,” owing to their disproportionately large heads.

Of the nine species of Poicephalus parrots, four are typically kept as pets: the Meyer’s Parrot, the Senegal Parrot, the Red-bellied Parrot and the Brown-headed Parrot. They are often seen in many different colors (except blue) and easily stand out with their trademark large heads and short tails.

What Makes Poicephalus Parrots a Good Pet?

Poicephalus parrots are often considered more easy-going and low-key than many other parrot species, and often do best in quieter environments. While they are friendly and affectionate, they are very independent and often require less supervision and oversight than other birds. Because they are good at entertaining themselves, they are often a great choice for owners looking for a less demanding companion. Senegal parrots are some of the most popular of the species, and first-time owners in particular are often drawn to their calm, easy-going natures.

How Do You Care for Poicephalus Parrots?

Though they are often seen as shyer and more independent than other parrots, Poicephalus parrots benefit from regular social interaction. Environments with a lot of toys and room to climb are also great ways to keep your Poicephalus parrots happy and healthy. They are also skilled at learning tricks, and while not overtly vocal can learn to talk as well.

Poicephalus parrots are calm and affectionate birds, best suited to quieter environments. Though more self-reliant than some other species, they definitely enjoy spending time with their favorite person.

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