The first thing you will notice about Pionus parrots is the fleshy rings encircling their eyes, making them look permanently startled. Imagine going through life with that expression. Be nice to the Pionus.

Eyes aside, the Pionus is frequently compared to the Amazon parrot in terms of abilities and appearance. They’re both chatty, bright, and bright-colored. Pionus parrots top out around 12 inches (30 cm), making them like a mini alternative to some of the larger companion birds out there.

The Pionus is, notably, much milder than its cousin, and often recommended as a good alternative for families who aren’t sure about their ability to train such smart animals. The Pionus is also much quieter, however, and will generally have a smaller vocabulary than the Amazon. Still, those who raise a Pionus quickly grow devoted to their gentleness and maturity.