Caiques (pronounced ky-eeks) are the acrobatic clowns of the parrot world. They are very energetic, intelligent, curious and they love to keep busy. These parrots need to have large cages with lots of perches, fun destructible toys to chew on, and exercise toys to play with. Caiques are great when it comes to learning tricks!

Caiques are relatively quiet compared to larger parrots, but they can emit a very piercing, high-pitched call. Caiques are not known for their talking ability but often learn to whistle tunes. Caiques also tend to be somewhat territorial and don’t play well with other birds.

There are two species of caiques, the Black-headed Caique and the White-bellied Caique. Caiques are medium sized parrots with stocky bodies and short tails.

The Black-headed Caique has a black head, yellow-orange neck, white belly, yellow legs, black beak, and a green back, wings and tail. Some of their wing feathers also have blue! Add in grey feet and it’s no wonder that these little guys are sometimes called the “seven color parrot!”

The White-bellied Caique has a yellow-orange head, white belly, a light colored beak and a green back, wings and tail.