What Are Caiques?

Caiques are native to the Amazon basin area of South America, and are found in parts of Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. The two major species of caiques are the Black-headed caique and the White-bellied caique, with Black-headed caiques being found north of the Amazon River and White-bellied caiques south of it. Both are known for their variations in color, with the Black-headed caique in particular often referred to as the “seven color parrot” because of how many different shades of color they have on their bodies. They are relatively small birds, but don’t be fooled – their small statures belie big personalities.

What Makes Caiques a Good Pet?

While African Greys are prized for their intelligence and Amazon Parrots for their love of the spotlight, caiques are perhaps most known for their mischievous and playful demeanors. They are notorious troublemakers and are very energetic and curious. In the wild they are known for their climbing abilities, and the same is true as pets. A common nickname for caiques is the “dancing parrot” because of their propensity for hopping and climbing. They are also adept at learning tricks.

Caiques have a lot of energy, and there is never a dull moment when they are around, so they are a great fit for owners who are willing to deal with birds with strong personalities but who also know how to have fun. While they are not as known for their talking or mimicking abilities as many other types of parrots, they are able to produce high-pitched calls, and can even be taught to whistle.

How Do You Care for Caiques?

Proper training and behavior management is crucial for caring for these birds, as they are prone to being territorial, and so may not be the best fit if they are introduced to an environment with other birds. Because of their energy and playful personalities, they need a lot of space to move around and toys to keep them stimulated. They love clowning around but their acrobatic antics can sometimes be destructive, so care should be taken in keeping them entertained but making sure they don’t overdo it.

Caring for caiques can be difficult and challenging, especially for first-time bird owners, but can also be rewarding as they make for very entertaining pets. They are some of the most energetic and curious parrots, and love attention and bonding with owners.

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