How to Get in Touch with the Right Vet for Your Bird

Pet birds are not as common as cats or dogs—meaning it can be more challenging to find a specialty veterinarian that is suited to avian needs. However, it is essential that your bird develops a relationship with a trusted avian veterinarian. Here are our top reasons for getting in touch with a vet, and how you can find a specialty vet near you.

You’ll need the expertise of a trusted avian veterinarian

Just like horses and reptiles, birds are unique pets that require specialty care from a trusted physician. When you find a veterinarian that specializes in birds, you can ensure that your pet is getting the best quality care from an individual with experience in avian care. They can also guide you to find the best resources in your area for your bird’s needs.

You can build a history of your bird’s health

One of the benefits to having regular vet check-ups is the history you can compile for your bird. This can include family records, general health assessments, and personalized information that can help build a complete picture of your bird’s health overtime—especially useful if your bird has a long life expectancy. This can also help you in regard to preventative care to help your bird live a long and happy life.

You can make a plan in case of emergency

We know—no one wants to think about something happening to their pet. However, if an emergency does arise, it’s important you know what to do. Ask your vet what their office recommends in case of emergency and have their phone numbers on hand: both their regular office number and emergency out of office number. Together, you and your veterinarian can make a plan (although we hope you never have to use it!)

You can find a vet to build a relationship with

While some birds have seen one veterinarian their whole lives, others have been swapped around quite a bit in the quest for adequate care. We recommend finding a trusted vet and sticking with them—someone who is licensed, experienced, and can build a trusting relationship with your bird to limit stress or unease during visits.

We can help

The best information you can share with a vet is the hatch date of your bird (or their general age), their diet, personality traits, and all the questions you have about your bird’s health. We have a special locator that not only helps you find birds in need of homes near you, but can show you vets that specialize in birds in your area. Check it out here (just be sure to switch the drop down menu from ‘Birds for Adoption’ to ‘Avian Veterinary Care’).