The macaw is burly, like a sailor. They’re tough guys, even the women – according to some breeders, especially the women. A full-grown macaw will be around two to two and a half feet tall (61-76 cm!), but some scarlet macaws have been seen growing up to a massive three feet (91 cm). In the wild, macaws are known to take in extra minerals by eating clay. That’s a tough bird! Don’t feed clay to your macaw, though. Or anyone else in your life.

Macaws like a LOT of space to exercise in, and have a hunting instinct – be sure to provide them with plenty of durable toys to claw and peck at. Among the smarter birds, Macaws are relatively easy to socialize, and through exposure can grow comfortable around families and even crowds. Like all tough guys, macaws hide soft hearts, and once macaws decide they like you, you’re in for life.

This hardy creature has been recorded living anywhere up to 100 years! Most domestic species average a little over 30 years, which is still on the long side for a pet, so make sure you can commit to keeping your friend for a long time. Macaws bonds are manly and strong, and abandonment can break their hearts.