Macaws are exceptionally beautiful and extremely graceful parrots. These birds are not particularly known for their talking abilities, though they can imitate human speech and can be great companion birds. Macaws are renowned for their size, their long tail feathers, their very big vocalizing, and their powerful beaks!

The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest flying parrot. Its wings span over 4 feet, and it is over 36″ in length! This gorgeous macaw weighs up to three and a half pounds! But not all macaws are large birds. The smallest macaw is the Hahn’s Macaw, (Red-shouldered Macaw) and it is a fraction of the size of a Hyacinth. Hahn’s Macaws are between 12-14″ in length and are referred to sometimes as ‘mini-macaws.’

There are eighteen species of macaws, though five of those are already extinct. The Spix’s Macaw (Little Blue Macaw) is extinct in the wild, and the Glaucous Macaw is considered to be critically endangered or already extinct.

One physical characteristic that separates macaws from other parrots is their facial features. Macaws have bare patches of skin on their faces, and these can vary in size depending on the species of macaw. For example, the yellow ring around a Hyacinth Macaw’s eyes isn’t feathers, it’s actually the color of its skin! Each macaw’s face is unique, and the feather patterns are similar to human fingerprints: there are no two alike in the world!

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