The Top 3 Most High-Maintenance Birds

The Amazon parrot

These gorgeous birds are known for their outstanding vocal abilities, and they’ll let you know why—right away! Amazons are well-suited for an owner that can handle a high energy toddler, and much like a toddler, it’s not recommended you keep one perched on your shoulder. They come in a variety of sizes and can take a long time to grow fully comfortable with their handlers. Up for the challenge? Learn more about Amazon parrots here.

The macaw

If there was a prize for pet birds that pack a punch, the macaw just might win. These large and stubborn birds are bundles of fun to spend your days with, and those days will start bright and early with a macaw to awake you. One of the main challenges that the macaw presents is the amount of space needed for them to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Large birds, like macaws, need spaces to sleep that are at are the very minimum, larger than their wingspan for a good stretch at night, as well as ample space to explore during the day. These birds average a lifespan of 30 years or more, and form serious, lifelong bonds with their owners that can be devastating to a macaw if broken. Ready for your lifelong bff? Learn more about the macaw here.

The African grey

African greys are large, grey-colored birds that can live up to 90 years (now that’s a commitment)! These large birds are dignified: think of your elderly neighbor that’s super classy…and also talks your ear off. While African greys aren’t usually ones to vie for affection day and night, they do need a lot of interaction and entertainment to keep them satisfied—far more than other smaller species of pet birds might. They can get bored easily and even develop unhealthy habits to pass the time, meaning that their prospective owners need to be ready to play, every day. Learn more about the African grey here.