A canary is a little pixie, in many ways. Even the biggest canaries are only around 7 or 8 inches, with most being under 5 (13 cm). They will not speak but love to sing, and many people find their canary mimicking sounds they hear, like telephones or microwaves.

Your canary can’t travel on its stubby little legs the way some bigger birds can – they need space to fly to get where they’re going. This territorial bird enjoys a lot of personal space, so they don’t like sharing with other birds, and will tend to prefer larger cages than even some bigger birds would need.

Although the canary is considered a good “beginner bird” and capable of entertaining itself while you are at work, this is still a little creature that you need to protect! They can be sensitive to heat or cold, being most comfortable around room temperature. Many experts recommend you keep your canary’s cage against a wall, to limit drafts.