A small child poses with a lutino cockatiel on his arm.

What Are the Best Pet Birds for Beginners?

While birds are an increasingly popular option for pet owners, many budding bird lovers may find that certain types can be particularly challenging for those without a lot of experience. Many birds are susceptible to behavioral problems if their needs aren’t met, and some can cause a lot of noise and disruption to you and those around you. For those looking to see if owning a bird is right for them, there are a number of birds that make for great first-time options. Here are three of the best pet birds for beginners.


Canaries are some of the best birds for beginners, due to their small size and beautiful singing abilities. They tend to do well by themselves or with other birds, though two male canaries sharing a cage is often discouraged. While warm and friendly by nature, they tend to prefer not being handled by owners. Canaries require less space than many other birds and also much less of an initial investment, making them a compelling choice for first-time bird owners. In particular, their ability to sing and even perform signature songs makes them a highly coveted pet.


Parakeets are some of the most popular pets, behind only cats and dogs, and for good reason – they are smart, playful and love bonding with owners. Parakeets are known for their vocal abilities, with some even being capable of learning hundreds of words. As they are a smaller species, they also do well in more confined spaces. Parakeets are easy to care for, fun to be around and able to fit in well to any environment, making them a perfect choice for beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Cockatiels are another popular species often considered a great beginner bird. Though they require more attention than other species, once they are properly tamed, they are very easy and enjoyable to care for. Cockatiels are often considered to have great personalities, and one of their most unique features is their crests – the feathers on their heads will change depending on their mood, so it is easy for owners to tell how their bird is feeling. Because they are easy to tame and easy to get along with, cockatiels are a great place to start when looking to add a bird to your household.

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