Six of Fischer's Lovebird on feeder at Oakland Zoo

Birds of a Feather Flock Together: The Joys of Multiple Bird Ownership

If there’s one thing that’s the same across all bird species, it’s that birds are very social creatures. This means that they can get lonely and bored when we’re not around since most pet birds love to play, talk and interact with their owners. As much as we wish we could, the idea of staying at home with our birds 24/7 isn’t very realistic. This is why owning multiple pet birds may be a good idea.

If you’ve ever been to a pet store or avian facility and checked out the small bird selection, you’ve probably seen several adorable birds in one cage, huddled together, happy as can be. There’s a reason for this: birds are flock animals, and in many cases, they enjoy keeping each other company. The bond that some birds form with their cage mates is truly remarkable. Have you ever seen two bonded cockatiels preening each other’s feathers? It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

It’s important to remember that adding a second bird into the family may not be the best decision for every bird, which is why some experts encourage bird owners to stimulate their birds with toys and enrichment opportunities before adding another bird into the family. While some birds may welcome new friends with open wings, others may prefer flying solo. Ultimately, the decision to add another bird depends on your bird’s personality and your commitment to helping ensure a harmonious relationship for all birdies involved.

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