A green budgie looks down at the viewer from atop its perch

Budget-friendly Birds

Pets, and birds in particular, can bring a lot of joy and benefit to a home, but all the costs of caring for a bird over its life can quickly add up. For owners looking to add a bird to their home but are worried about the expense, there are a number of birds that are budget-friendly and low maintenance. Here are a few affordable species of birds perfect for those just starting out or looking to enjoy the companionship birds provide at an affordable price.


Parakeets, also known as budgerigars or budgies, are some of the most popular birds in the world and are great for those looking for a more affordable bird that is easy to care for. Parakeets are prized for their playful and exuberant personalities and are quick to acclimate to a new home. For environments that include children or other animals, parakeets are able to integrate well. Their petite size also makes them suitable for those with smaller spaces, and they are also less noisy than other birds making them very appealing for apartment owners or those living in shared spaces.


Finches come in many shapes, sizes and colors, allowing owners a lot of variation in choosing a pet. These small birds are known for their soft voices and cheerful chirps and can be very entertaining and pleasant to be around. As they spend a lot of time in their cage, investing in an enclosure that gives them plenty of space to move around is essential. Finches are a more hands-off bird and prefer not to be handled, which can be a good thing for busy owners or those without a lot of spare time to devote to them. As they are one of the most affordable birds for owners, it can be essential to add more than one to your home as they, more so than many other birds, prefer and need the companionship of other finches. Owners should ensure however that when mixing multiple species of finches that they are compatible with each other.


Like finches, canaries are a great choice for owners looking to add a bird to their home that is more affordable and low maintenance than many species of parrots. Their small size and low cost ensure they can fit well within many different environments and budgets, and they often require much less of an initial investment than other species. Owners looking for a bird with exceptional vocal abilities are often drawn to canaries, and while not known for talking they are renowned for their singing. Canaries can do well when housed with other species like finches, and they have big personalities and love to entertain their owners.

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