Parrotlets are, as you will guess, like little baby parrots, who need a lot of sleep – up to 12 hours a day! When they wake up, they’re ready for play, so make sure you give them lots of space and toys to explore. The parrotlet comes in a diverse range of colors, most of them bright, baby-ish pastels.

Even as adults they never reach the size of other parrots. The largest variety of parrotlet maxes out at under 6 inches (15 cm). Like many parrots, they go through a “terrible twos” phase, and being such fragile babies most parrotlet fans recommend raising them alone or separately from one another.

Parrotlets like people and bustle but, being such little creatures, can feel overwhelmed, so always give them a spot to retreat to. Parrotlets can learn to speak, but it is reputedly much easier for male parrotlets to do so.