Parrotlets are often described as very large birds trapped in a little bird’s body. These wonderful birds are certainly packed with lots of personality and have become one of the most popular small pet birds. They are like having a miniature amazon parrot without the screaming.

Parrotlets are intelligent, curious, feisty, fearless and playful. They enjoy interacting with the humans around them and sometimes they are called a “pocket parrot”.

Parrotlets love to chew and should be provided with suitably sized destructible toys to keep them happy. They also love swings and sleeping tents.

There are several species of parrotlet but only two are commonly kept as pets, the Pacific Parrotlet and the Green Rump Parrotlet. The Pacific Parrotlet is especially popular.

Parrotlets are 4 – 5″ tall, have stocky bodies and short broad tails. You can often tell the males from females due to slight color variations. For example, male Pacific Parrotlets have a blue streak behind their eyes.

They are not known to be the best talkers, they have a small voice and typically will only learn up to about 10 words. Males are known to be better talkers than female parrotlets.

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