What Are Parrotlets?

Parrotlets are found throughout Mexico and Central and South America. They are some of the smallest species of parrots, comparable in size to Lovebirds. And like Lovebirds, their small frames belie big personalities. While there a number of species of Parrotlet, only the Pacific Parrotlet and the Green Rump Parrotlet are typically kept as pets. In the wild, their green plumage helps camouflage them and protect them from predators, and their variations in color between sexes can be an easy way to tell them apart – male Pacific Parrotlets in particular are often seen with a blue streak behind their eyes.

What Makes Parrotlets a Good Pet?

Parrotlets have become a very common option for bird owners, with the Pacific Parrotlet in particular being very popular. While they are short and stocky, they have big personalities, and are equal parts playful and fearless. They are nicknamed “pocket parrots” because they are often seen as the miniature version of the Amazon Parrot – a newborn Parrotlet is only the size of a bee! Though they are some of the species least known for their talking abilities, they typically are capable of learning a few words, and males in particular seem more adept at learning than their female counterparts. They also love to play and are very curious and enjoy interaction.

How Do You Care for Parrotlets?

They are often humorously said to not understand they are small birds, often acting with bravado towards much larger animals. However, this overconfidence can get them into trouble, especially in environments with other pets, so an owner should be careful to temper their feisty personalities. This penchant for aggression makes them better suited for environments without other animals, so they are great for owners who just want one bird. Though they form tight bonds with mates and their owners, if added to a home with other species they are often best kept separated.

For such a small species, Parrotlets have huge personalities, and while they can cause trouble with other animals, are a great choice for new and experienced owners alike.

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