Quaker Parakeet

The Quaker parakeet, also called the monk parakeet, is a religious sort, with a dignified face and a ruffled breast like a powdered wig. But don’t be fooled by their ancient expressions – these birds have a relatively short lifespan, averaging around 13 years. They’re not the biggest bird, either, topping out around 12 inches (30 cm).

In the wild, Quaker birds form highly social communities, much like human Quakers, but with fewer buckled hats. As their caretaker, you will have to fill in for this social interaction. They love talking and will do their best to mimic you – wild communities quickly develop unique accents. If you raise this parakeet yourself, you should take extra care not to teach it any bad habits like biting.

Quaker parakeets can live with other birds, but keep an eye on their behavior. If this bird gets bored or anxious they might start hurting themselves or anything they can find, so make sure to provide your friend with wool or a preening toy to work out those frustrations. Quakers also reproduce quickly – so quickly that these parrots are illegal in some regions. Make sure you check local laws before setting your heart on the stodgy old man of the bird world.