Quaker Parakeet

Quaker parakeets are also called Monk parakeets and Quaker Parrots.

They are a medium sized parrot with a long tail and they are about the size of a cockatiel but a little bit stockier.

Wild Quakers are mainly green in color with grey on their chests and head. They also have blue primary flight feathers and blue under their tails. Their coloration provides excellent camouflage against the colors of their native habitat. Quaker parrots that have been domestically bred also come in other colors like light blue and yellow.

Quaker parakeets are very intelligent and have the capacity to learn a large vocabulary. In fact, they are considered one of the best talkers! They are also excellent mimics and enjoy recreating household sounds.

If properly socialized, they are friendly and affectionate. However, they can get fairly territorial around their cages so it is good to provide them with alternate play areas throughout the house.

One of the quirky habits of Quakers is their love of rearranging the objects in their cages just to their liking. If you move something in their cage they will likely move it right back! They also like to weave feathers, strips of paper and similarly pliable materials through the bars of their cages. Quakers are the interior designers of the bird world!

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