Think of ringneck parakeets as your large adult sons, with big appetites and sensitive hearts. They grow to a whopping 16 inches (40 cm). They love eating, breaking toys, having snacks, cuddling up to you, and feasting on a nice, big meal of fruits, vegetables, pellets, and seeds. After a nice, big meal they like to relax in their cage – the bigger the better – and have a nice, loud shout at you, to show their appreciation. In some cultures, you burp loudly to show you enjoyed a meal. Ringnecks follow a similar policy.

Next to food, these goofballs love tearing and breaking cardboard and paper. This is an exuberant animal. Some birds are creatures of habit and like a good schedule. Not so the ringneck, who gets bored easily throughout its 30-year lifespan.

Don’t think all that food can replace a ringneck’s love of socializing, of course. Like all parakeets, ringnecks love to play with you, and can be a rewarding companion for someone who can fit it into their schedule.