What to Know Before Adopting a Bird

Birds can bring a lot of fun and joy to a home, but it is important before investing in a bird to assess your habits and make sure adopting a bird is really the right choice for your situation. Birds have unique requirements that are different from many other household pets like dogs and cats, and many people do not take into consideration their distinct needs before adoption. If your family is ready to add a new pet to your home, here are a couple factors to keep in mind when deciding if owning a bird is right for you.

Are You a Night Owl?

Birds are early risers, often waking up before sunrise, so if you are a night owl and not an “early bird,” that can be an important consideration. While investing in materials that can cover their cage and block light can help, birds are usually up and ready to start their day earlier than many other pets. However, birds will often settle into the routine of your home – although that may mean a few sleepless nights initially before they adapt to your schedule.

How Comfortable Are You with Noise?

Birds are notoriously noisy, and while some are much more verbal than others, it is helpful to keep in mind that adding a bird to your home can create some commotion. Birds like African Greys are often sought after for their ability to talk, and while this makes them unique pets it also means you should expect a lot of noise. Those in smaller spaces or in close proximity to others might opt for birds like Parakeets that are known for being less disruptive.

What is Your Home Environment Like?

Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems, and the air quality in your home is incredibly important in maintaining their health. If you or a family member is a smoker, it is crucial that you smoke outdoors or a safe distance away in a well-ventilated room. Cigarette smoke can be very damaging to a bird, and even smoke that lingers on clothes, curtains or other items can negatively affect their health.

Even for non-smokers, many common items used in your home can emit fumes damaging to birds. Cookware and chemical cleaners often contain ingredients that when aerosolized are toxic to birds, so care should be taken when cooking and cleaning in close proximity to your pet. Even candles and incense can be potentially hazardous, so if you still want to enjoy candlelight, invest in bird-safe or unscented candles to ensure your birds stay happy and healthy.

Birds can be wonderful companions your family will enjoy for years to come, but they’re not for everyone. Knowing their needs and requirements ahead of time can help you make the best possible decision when considering bird adoption.

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