Two lovebirds engaged in a lively conversation.

Top 3 Most Talkative Birds

Birds make for great pets for a number of reasons, but the vocal abilities of many species are what often draws owners to add a bird to their home. Depending on the type of bird, their vocalizations range from replicating sounds like microwaves or doorbells, to singing songs or even learning and repeating hundreds of words. A parakeet named Puck became famous for his remarkable 1728-word vocabulary! If you are looking for a talkative bird, here are five birds considered to have the best verbal abilities.

African Greys

African greys are often the first choice for owners looking for a bird that can talk, and a determined trainer can help them build a vocabulary of hundreds of words. Their intelligence is some of the most well-known of any species, and their grasp of language and communication has often been compared to that of young children. Some famous African Greys include a Japanese bird who after escaping was able to repeat its owner’s name and address, and Alex, a pet kept by an animal psychologist who was capable of solving complex problems and even asking his owner what color he was.


Parakeets are some of the most popular birds, and they are known to be great talkers while also being low-maintenance and easy to care for. If you are just getting started on your journey as a bird owner, parakeets are one of the best choices for your first bird. While they are slower learners than other species, owners often find that after they learn their first words, they pick up new ones very quickly. Parakeets are also a great choice for families or homes with small children, so if you are looking for an affectionate bird that kids will enjoy teaching to talk, look no further than parakeets.

Amazon Parrots

Another bird that is skilled at talking is the Amazon parrot, particularly the Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot. While other birds like Parakeets can sometimes sound a little muffled, Amazon parrots are known for the exceptional clarity of their voices – often compared to being as clear as humans! For owners looking for a bird that can not only talk but also sing, Amazon parrots are well-known for their ability to learn and perform songs. Their friendly natures also make them an easy addition to a home with other birds or pets.

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