Why the Cockatiel is a Great First Bird

Who knew that when becoming a first-time bird parent, one of the most challenging things would be selecting a species? Decisions, decisions. To help narrow your search, there is one species that we cannot squawk enough about. With its bright yellow head, rosy-red cheeks, cuddly demeanor and cheerful chirp, the cockatiel is the epitome of sunshine on a cloudy day. They also happen to make excellent first birds.

Tiels are known to be very social birds and thrive on frequent interactions with their caregivers. More often than not, their favorite hangout, outside of their cage, is on your shoulder. But don’t be surprised if they nudge your head with theirs, communicating that they don’t want the petting session to end. Pro tip: it’s always best to keep petting them, as the head nudging will likely proceed until they nod off into birdie dream land…

A quiet home can be so dull, which is just another reason you need a cockatiel in your life. Release your inner Snow White (or perhaps one of the seven dwarfs) and whistle alongside your tiel while you work. Laundry and dishes have never been more fun! In all seriousness though, the cockatiel is really good at using its inside chirps and whistles, so you shouldn’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

One more important thing to note—pet cockatiels are expected to live anywhere from 15-20+ years, some even reaching their early 30s. So, make sure you do your homework and are prepared for a long-term commitment before welcoming one of these feathered friends into your home. Although, no matter how many years you are lucky enough to spend with a cockatiel, they will always leave your heart wishing for more.

Think the cockatiel may be the perfect first bird for you? We do too! Just to be sure, take our quiz to find out! Don’t forget to share your results with us!