What’s in a Name? Ideas for Every Birdie

Move over Rover, there’s a new pet in need of a name in town. While we’re used to Fluffy for the cat and Fido for the dog, pet birds offer a unique challenge when it comes to the name that will identify them for life. From the strong and heroic “Kong” to the diminutive “Peekaboo,” we love bird names and the stories that accompany them. So, if you’re trying to pick out the perfect name for your feathered friend, we can help tidy up the process. Here are some of our favorite sources of inspiration when naming your pet bird.

Your childhood

What street name did you grow up on? Or rather, what was the name of your favorite school-time activity? Whatever helped define an earlier time in your life may lend a unique perspective onto what to name your bird, and this can lead to the most unique and thoughtful names we hear.

Your lifestyle

Are you always in the gym or forever in the kitchen? No matter what your day-to-day looks like, think about the most positive aspects of your routine. While we don’t mean naming your bird “commute to work,” think about fun, sweet names like are inspired by cooking, celebrities, pop culture, books, work, and whatever else fills your daily life.

Your favorite fictional bird

Okay, we get that there aren’t too many famous fictional birds outside Iago from Aladdin and Zazu from the Lion King (see our Iconic Movie Bird post.) However, there are a million and one characters on tv, in novels, or even in popular culture who’s name also might fit your birdie and their personality.

The breed

While this may seem straightforward, the breed of your bird an offer many nuances to what you decide to name them. Larger birds may pack a punch and need a name that sounds powerful, while smaller birds can sometimes fit sweet-sounding alternatives. Or, you can switch this mold to name your tiny parakeet “Killer” and your irritable African Grey “Sugar Princess” for some added character development.

Your bird

The best way to think about naming your bird comes from none other than your little birdie. Do they show distinct characteristics? An affinity for a specific toy? These are all cues that your bird deserves a name that truly fits them, and they are more than able to show you how to pick one. Additionally, you may look into researching where your bird originally hails from, which can offer a plethora of name ideas to choose from.