Iconic Movie Birds

Not only have birds made their way into our hearts, but they’ve made their way into some of our favorite films. Whether they’re featured as real-life birds or life-like caricatures, movie birds bring a beautiful element to the screen that we just can’t get enough of. Plus, they’re often portrayed with a unique charm and one-of-a-kind wit that’s so, well, bird-like. So, without feather ado, we present to you this list of iconic movie birds!

Hedwig the owl

Harry Potter

This well-known owl may not have had a speaking voice, but that didn’t stop her from having loads of personality and character. Always by Harry’s side, she shows us the great lengths birds will go for their humans.

Kevin the Himalayan Monal pheasant


Similar to Hedwig, Kevin is another feathered movie star who doesn’t have any speaking lines. Nevertheless, she shows her vibrant personality in other ways. Like when she comedically mimics Carl after he tries to shoo her away.

Zazu the red-billed hornbill

The Lion King

You know that friend who you can always count on to talk some sense into you? Zazu is 100% that friend (and we love him for it!)

Iago the scarlet macaw


Moving on to the first birdie villain on our list, Iago is a mischievous little parrot with a love for sarcasm, speaking his mind, and the finer things in life. Don’t even think about giving this Polly a cracker!

Diaval the raven


After Maleficent saved Diaval’s life in the woods, this loyal, snappy raven vowed to be her trusty servant. While the character does possess shape-shifting abilities, we prefer seeing him with wings.

Scuttle the seagull

The Little Mermaid

Last but certainly not least is Scuttle. We couldn’t help but fall for him the moment he dubbed Ariel’s fork a “dinglehopper” that was used to comb humans’ hair. He showed us a caring side in addition to his eccentric side, and he made up the rest up as he flew along.


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