5 Reasons Why Tyler Rugge and His Birds Are #Goals

If there’s one birdie/human duo we can’t get enough of, it’s Tyler Rugge and all his adorable birds. An avid animal lover, Tyler has over 30 pets including dogs, lizards, snakes, fish, a hedgehog and you guessed it, birds! While it may sound like this YouTube vlogger lives in a zoo, we’re always amazed by how much Tyler knows about his pets and the lengths he goes to ensure their happiness. Bird owners everywhere can count on Tyler for the most practical bird ownership skills (i.e. how to make your bird like you) thanks to all his first-hand experience. In other words, Tyler Rugge and his birds are pretty much #goals and here’s why.

They color coordinate

Tyler is the best bird dad as he always puts his birds’ safety first

Check out his video on 7 things in your home that could possibly kill or harm your bird!

That time he did the yoga challenge with his sun conure, Mango

Need we say more?

Or when he gave all his birds a bath

Skip ahead to 2:07 for the best thing you’ll see all day!

Last but not least, Tyler knows that the only thing better than one bird on your shoulder is two (or three) birds on your shoulder

Only if they get along, of course!

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