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National Pet Bird Day 2022

Join MyBird as We Gear Up to Celebrate National Pet Bird Day on September 17!

For pet bird owners and lovers, a special day of celebration is just around the corner—September 17 is officially National Pet Bird Day! Established by the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK) in 2019, National Pet Bird Day is an opportunity to recognize all the wonderful ways in which pet birds enrich our lives, educate both current and potential bird owners about the responsibilities and commitments that come with having a companion bird, and support a variety of businesses in the industry.

Throughout the year and particularly in the weeks leading up to National Pet Bird Day, MyBird—BEAK’s public-facing marketing campaign—offers a trove of resources designed to engage the pet bird community. For instance, bird owners and lovers are invited to join in the fun by doing the following:

  • Posting stories and photos of their pets on social media with the hashtag #NationalPetBirdDay.
  • Downloading adorable social media graphics from the National Pet Bird Day digital toolkit, and posting them with the above hashtag and tagging @MyRightBird on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Taking the quiz at to get suggestions for types of birds that may be right for their lifestyle, and sharing the results on social media. As one of MyBird’s most popular features, this fun and helpful quiz includes questions about important factors such as the respondent’s time and financial commitments, living arrangements, noise tolerance, and the expected lifespan and level of affection they are hoping to find in a pet bird.
  • Checking out other resources at, such as our latest articles that include valuable tips and guides about caring for different types of pet birds.
  • And of course, pampering their own pets by getting them a new toy or treat and showing them a little extra love on September 17.

In addition to the resources and National Pet Bird Day materials available on the website, MyBird was excited to launch the “What My Pet Bird Means to Me” video contest this year. Through July 15, bird owners were invited to submit short videos showcasing cute, funny, or heartwarming moments with their pets. MyBird is now asking everyone to visit the What My Pet Bird Means to Me contest page and vote for their favorite video by September 10. After review by a committee of judges, the winners will be announced on National Pet Bird Day, with prizes ranging from $100 up to $1,000!

As the 4th Annual National Pet Bird Day quickly approaches, MyBird encourages pet bird owners, lovers, and bird-related businesses to check out the tools and resources at our website, and join our community of over 240,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. No matter how you choose to participate, we are excited to share this opportunity to spread awareness of the many ways in which companion birds enrich our lives.