What My Pet Bird Means to Me Contest

Congratulations to these winners!

$1,000 Winner

Jack the Naked Nanday | Julie Roda

“Jack may look a little different, but he is just as deserving of love as any other bird. He is a Nanday conure with a plucking issue that is being managed. He is quite the character, and there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. I feel honored to be his caretaker. As the video states, he means the world to me.”

$500 Winner

Twinkie the Parrot | Lauren Lichac

“Twinkie was given to me as a college graduation present by my parents when he was just about six weeks old, had hardly any feathers, and could barely hold his head up. I have loved and raised him from the very beginning, and am proud to have taught him everything he knows, including a song you may be familiar with called “Twinkie Stinky.” This especially enthusiastic performance of his song one night in 2018 that I managed to record on video and later posted online ended up capturing the hearts of millions, turning him into the viral sensation he is today! Having him to care for during an extremely mentally trying time in my life helped me heal, and I have heard from countless others that he cheered them up through the darkness and uncertainty of Covid, made them laugh when they were recovering from surgery, brought a smile to their face during a time of loss, and so on the list goes. His spunky, feisty, energetic personality continues to brighten not only my days, but also the lives of over 384,000 Team Twinkie members who follow him on his social media platforms. For such a small little creature, Twinkie has made quite a significant impact on people all around the world. He is truly a very special bird I am deeply thankful for and love with all my heart – here’s to the countless laughs and memories we will share together over many more years to come.”

$250 Winner

Baby Olive | Baby Nerd Sophie

“Baby Olive is a rescued turquoise yellow sided green cheeked conure. After a difficult start in life, she finally found her forever home with us – we love you Baby Olive!”

$100 Winner

All About Cowboy | Britt Brewer